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Growing demand for quality education in Upper Chitral

Dur Wali Khan

Education system of any country is considered to be the most important system, which shapes the future of its nation.

No doubt, providing free and quality education to all children is the prime responsibility of the state. But we all know well that our state has completely failed to provide quality education to our children. Almost all public and private educational institutions mostly focus on rote memorization and securing marks in exams to force students to reproduce exactly what they were taught or learnt from books rather than holistic development of students.
Grainne Faller says: “Rote memorization is a bad thing and kills the ability of learners.”  No doubt, a friendly school environment plays a vital role in shaping the lives of students.
F Douglas says: “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken adults.” 
There is no dearth of talented students in our beloved Chitral, but due to lack of quality educational institutions for boys in Upper Chitral, most of our students fail to excel in their lives.
So, we feel extremely need of such educational institution for boys, where students could be prepared as an independent learners with conceptual understanding, critical thinking, analytical ability, updated knowledge and skills to successfully move into mainstream of our society to face challenges.
We are lucky to have a beautiful mind like Siraj Ulmulk who is doing a great job in transportation and hotelling sectors to provide luxury bus service to promote tourism in Chitral. We believe that he has the ability, resources and commitment to address this genuine issue effectively as well. 
Nelson Mandela says: “Education is the most powerful weapon, we can use to change the World.”
So, I am optimistic that Siraj Ulmulk may love to work in that direction to bring about positive change in the society through education. 
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