Five Chitralis injured in road accident in Mardan

Five Chitralis injured in road accident in Mardan

MARDAN: Five Chitralis were seriously injured when a motor car (2D) they were travelling in hit a stationary tractor on Guju Khan ring road near Sang-e-Marmar in Mardan on Tuesday night.

Later, the driver of the car, identified as Hayat from Kari village, passed away. The taxi car was going to Chitral from Peshawar when it met with the accident.

Rescue 1122 Mardan said its team reached the accident spot and after giving first aid shifted the injured to a nearby hospital. 

The rescue service did not release the names and addresses of the injured persons.

4 Replies to “Five Chitralis injured in road accident in Mardan”

  1. How do you people comment knowing nothing about how accident happened and what was the cause, very strange. Certainly, all drivers are not addicted to drugs but certainly, all philosophers have ability to ✍️ write something.

    1. They said 2d hit tractor and tractor was standing on roadside so was the driver careful to hit the tractor while driving. This is the cause of accident and it seems definetely care less driving or the driver might fell asleep.

  2. Most of the drivers driving 2d cars are drug addicts and and reckless. The passangers should themselves regulate them for their own safety.

  3. These drivers using 2D cars are involved in rush driving without caring for their own lives and passengers lives. here also the driver seems at fault as he did’nt see or could not avoid the tractor parked on road side. There should be some laws to regulate taxies but here in Amrani govt nobody cares about law and public safety.

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