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Kalash girl ‘converts’ to Islam

CHITRAL: Kalash girl converts to Islam. A 16-year-old Kalash girl converted to Islam after she was brought to the Chitral town from her home village in Rumbur by a young man from her neighborhood without consent of her father.

Local sources told ChitralToday on phone that Nasreema Bibi, a class 10th student at the Govt High School Rumbur, left home for school four days ago but did not return.

The sources said her neighbor had planned to get the girl married off to a man from Punjab. He drove the girl from her village of Grom on a motorcycle and met the man near Ayun but due to unknown reasons the marriage could not be materialized. 

As the girl refused to go back home, her neighbor took her to the Chitral town and reported the matter to a private organization.

The girl was then told that her marriage would be arranged with a local boy if she converts to Islam. Later, the girl was taken to the prayer leader of a mosque where she converted to Islam.

When contacted, the father of the girl told ChitralToday that his daughter was taken away by his neighbor’s son without his consent. He said her daughter might have been in contact with the Punjabi man and wanted to marry him.

“I have been told that she asked the son of my neighbor to take her to Chitral town. My neighbor’s son had no knowledge of her plan and once in Chitral town he confronted the Punjabi guy and then called his father who is a taxi driver.”

He said the taxi driver then took the girl to members of an organization who forced the man from Punjab to leave the area.

He said he met his daughter at a house in Jughoor a day after she was taken there but she refused to accompany him back home. 

“When I went there, she had already become Muslim. The cleric at whose hands she converted should have contacted and informed me about it before her conversion,” he said.

He said he was told that his daughter would be brought home after she learns the basics about Islam. Most probably, she would be admitted to a madresah there,” he added.

In reply to a question, he said he wanted to report the matter to the police but his younger brother stopped him from filing a case.

He regretted that the man from his village took his daughter all the way from Rumbur to the Chitral town on a motorcycle without being checked at any police picket. 

Maulana Israruddin Al-Hilal confirmed to ChitralToday that the Kalash girl had embraced Islam at his hands. He said she was currently at the house of a local philanthropist and would be married to a youth in her village soon.

Maulana Hilal claimed that the girl was 19 years old and did not need consent of her parents to get married.

District Police Officer (DPO) Lower Chitral Sonia Shamroz did not reply to messages sent to her for comments on the matter.

16-year-old Kalash girl ‘converts’ to Islam

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5 Replies to “Kalash girl ‘converts’ to Islam”

  1. Why our religious leaders feel proud to convert Kalash into Muslims, at the time when they have more room to convert many so called Muslims into true Muslims around them. But why will they go for the difficult task, when a much easier one is available to them. How all this has been planned and implemented shows how fair are we as Muslims.

  2. These go un checked and there are frequent conversion of Kalash people all at their own wish, we are being told. Then why they dont convert en masse once and for all. These Kalash people are not safe and are living in perpertual fear.

  3. یہ جو ہوچُکا ہے یہ ظلم ہے ایک انسان پر اور اسے مذہب کا رنگ دے کر سارے لوگوں کو خاموش کیا گیا ہے۔ چترال میں صحافت اور اخبار والے بہت پہلے بگ چُکے ہیں۔ اور جو لوگ بات کرتے ہیں اُن پر مذہب کے خلاف بات کرنے کے پاداش میں نشانہ بنایا جاتا ہے۔ اس غریب لڑکی کے کیس میں وہ لوگ جو اس کیس میں ملوث ہیں اُن کو سخت سزا ہونا چاہیے ۔ اور جس نے اُسے چترال لایا ہے اُس بندے کو اب تک گرفتار ہونا چاہیے تھا۔ اور چترال بازار میں یہ مُلا ایک شخص کے نابالغ بچی کو اُسے بتائے بغیر اُس کو مسلمان کردیتی ہے اور پھر اُس کی شادی کا بندوبست کر رہاہے۔ چترال کی یہ پولیس اور ادارے کہاں مرگئے ہییں ۔

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