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Rally held against delay in construction of Garam Chashma road

CHITRAL: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) on Monday held a protest rally against the inordinate delay in the construction of Garam Chashma road and the skyrocketing prices of essential items.

Addressing the rally, PPP leaders Salim Khan, Fazle Rabi, Sharif Hussain, Muhammad Muzaffar, Qazi Faisal, Alam Zeb, Shirin Khan, Nizar Wali Shah and others said last year the PTI government had dropped the Garam Chashma road project from the ADP and transferred the funds to Swat and this year it has allocated a very meager amount for the project which was a joke and an injustice with the people of Garam Chashma.

Moreover, the PTI government is now planning to decrease the width of the road from the proposed 50 feet to 25 feet. It is also shameful that this year only Rs25 million have been allocated in the ADP for the road project, they added.

The speakers also said the incompetent PTI government had made the life of the masses miserable by failing to check the rising inflation.

They also said the chief minister’s special assistant Wazirzada had made a record of false claims about development projects in Chitral as none of them has been materialzed for the last about three years.—Nazir Hussain Shah

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