Anwar Aman planning mega projects in Upper Chitral


Farman Ajab Chitrali

Recently, prominent US-based investor Anwar Aman has purchased a large piece of land in Soran Lasht adjacent to Charun and Kuragh in Upper Chitral. Notables of the area who met him on various occasions say he has decided to launch mega projects in the purchased land. If true, it would be the first ever such a huge investment in Upper Chitral and would usher in a new era of development in the backward area.

It has been observed that mostly rich people shift their capital to western countries for investment to earn more profits by using legal or illegal means but Mr Aman is the first person in the history of the country who brought his capital from abroad to Pakistan and that too to a backward area such as Chitral.

This is the testimony to his patriotism and great contribution to Pakistan that will be remembered in golden words forever. It will not be an exaggeration to say that like him great people born once in centuries who feel satisfaction on serving humanity and consider it mandatory for themselves.

We are convinced that all these mega projects will not only help us in boosting our national economy but will also be fruitful in overcoming unemployment in Chitral. Since the purchase of the land, major sources of income and a large number of employments are knocking at our doors. Above all, being an international citizen, he adopted membership in our village that has been welcomed by the locals. We hope that he will play a vital role not only in the development of the village council Charun but will also extend his contribution to the whole district.

We are also delighted to hear that along with the mega projects his intention is to establish an institution for human development in Soran Lasht. All these projects, including the institution, will bring far-reaching changes to the life standards of the people. 

To make the area accessible, Mr Aman and his team are now working on different options to construct a jeep-able road from the most suitable side which is very essential for the development of the area before launching the development works. 

Side by side this land, there is a vast area possessed by other people in Soran Lasht and their prices will also increase with the launch of the mega projects and the completion of the link road.

Under the same purpose, colonies will be constructed very soon because the area is safe from all kinds of natural calamities.

These projects will change the destiny of Chitral and its people within a short period of time. In Lower Chitral, his mega project is already in progress and despite having in the initial stage it is giving multidimensional benefits to the residents.

These projects will also change our unskilled laborers into skilled and productive laborers. These can also help us access new technology in many fields which can be replicated in other areas of Chitral to make the same fields productive. These projects will also play their role in introducing unique Chitrali products in the international market where they will be sold at high prices.

  1. shams says

    محترم جناب انوار اماں صاحب اگر ہیلتھ سیکٹر میں انویسٹمنٹ کرکےکوالٹی ہیلتھ کیر مہیا کرے تو علاقے کے لوگ بہت مشکور ہوںگے۔چترالکے مریض معمولی پروسجرز اور آپریشن کے لئے شہروں کا رخ کرتےہے۔چترال کے لوگوں کو بھی پتہ چل جائے ۔کہ کوالیٹی ہیلتھ کیر کیاہوتی ہے۔ہمارے نصیب میں کب تک برائے نام ہسپتالوں کے چکر لگانالکھا ہے۔جہاں نہ سہولیات ہوتی ہیں نہ سیدھےمنہ بات کرنے والےاسٹاف اور نہ صفائ۔

    سردیوں میں برف باری کی وجہ سے مریض لیکر آگے شہر جانا بھیمحال ہوتا ہے۔ایسے میں اگر اپنے علاقے میں کوئ صحت کا ادارہ ایساملے جہاں ہر سپشیلٹی ہو ۔جہاں آپریشن کولیفائڈ انیستھٹسٹکروائے۔ہر مرض کے لئے سپشلیسٹ ڈکٹر ہو۔کوالٹی نرسنگ کیر ملےجوکسی بھی کے معیاری ہسپتال میں ملتی ہے۔کولیفائڈ ڈینٹل سرجن ہوجو کہ دانت نکالنے کے بجائے بچانے کی کوشش کرے۔

  2. Saif says

    What a pity to see all this growling and backbiting among ourselves. Instead of “project(S) being the subject of discussion; why a person is being discussed here? Does freedom of speech mean slandering and hate speech? Why the fuss about a barren piece of land which some local is trying to utilise? If we can wholeheartedly accept the presence of all the non local traders who control the local economy, why can’t we wait and see until the project is completed?

    The other day I heard from locals of Yaseen valley that a five star hotel is being built in Darkhot- one of the remotest region of GB and the locals see it as a golden opportunity to boost up the local economy, why do we always have to be pessimistic ? Not that shouting at each other on an online platform changes the outcome: it does convey a very disturbing message to the people outside Chitral and that is called your overall image. Respect is a key element which defines your personality and that doesn’t come from using foul language and poking fingers at each other. Give respect, command respect. Argument based on conspiracy theories is like resting upon a broken bridge which can be swept away any moment.

  3. Sardar Azam says

    good and welcome to Anwar Aman with such a nice plan for Upper Chitral and its people who lack facilities such as education, health and roads. we request Anwar Aman to please construct Chitral; to Booni road and we request govt to name this road as Anwar Aman road.

    1. Khalid Ahmed Khan says

      Dear Editor,

      Renaming a defence road after an individual just because he is a filthy rich?? My head is aching, sir. I simply cannot stand these darbaris!

      A few years back, these type of characters used to lick the boots of these so-called shehzadas. And now they have switched their loyalties to the Chitrali-American billionaire just because he has got a few bucks.

      Look at thier mentality. Their approach to life. Their conduct. Their way of talking. Their lack of exposure. PATHETIC, SICK, and DISGUSTING – to say the least!.

      Is money everything for these bloody flatterers? The way they talk show that they can do anything – let repeat everything under the open sky – for the sake of few bucks.

      I was wondering why Chitrali girls are married off to outsiders that too with men of their grandfathers’ age. And after going through all these craps, I am not surprised at all why poor, innocent little girls are married off to men three times older than them. I was concerned why girls’ suicide ratio is increasing with each passing day in the area.

      But to me now, all these bad things are taking place as everybody out there with a few exception – under the garb of a sharif Chitrali – is a beghairat to the core. Shame!



  4. Abdullah Khan says

    He is investing in hotel and you chitrali people are very happy when there is no reason for celebrations for it. Guys be mature enough.

  5. Tanveer Khan says

    Hol on, guys can we discuss environmental degradation here?
    I am not against any development projects in Chitral but is the waste of such gigantic initiatives properly being managed or just thrown into river?
    Well, spyders are whispering about timber mafia in a disguise of a Shezda.
    So none of these pantheons actually care about Chitral, what’s the point of building hotels, if all the trees are cut down and no nature is left to attract foreigners?

  6. Yasmin says

    It is good to hear people of Chitral settled abroad returning and investing in Chitral. We should all welcome such initiatives as govts have failed to develop any sector in Chitral, the roads being one example. I dont know why our people raise objections to everything that is good for Chitral. We should take all such developmentspositively. I am disappoited by the approach of so many people here at this forum to the lastest development.

    1. Khalid Ahmed Khan says

      My dear Mrs Yasmeen,

      The way you spoke your heart out on the behest of an opportunist tola shows you are equally into the business of fleecing the poor Anwar Aman or you are completely ignorant. Let us suppose you are a sincere lady and want to serve the people of Chitral, then why are you so concerned about the particular project? If you want the area to be developed, why never broke the silence about the crisis which engulfed the construction of Beejan International Hotel, s it is a huge project. The construction of the hotel could prove to be the last nail in the coffin of hotel mafia in Chitral. To cut the long story short, I am 100pc sure you are speaking the langage of the people who have vested interest in the proposed project. Be careful before saying something about you have zero knowledge especially the development of Chitral and better.

    2. Javed Karim says

      Yes ma’am there are people who want to keep Chitral in stone age. These people also opposed Lowari tunnel but failed to stop it
      There are too many chamchas of such people who don’t want chitrali people to progress. But majority of people are good people who work for our development and we should support them and be watchful about enemies of our progress abd their paid chamchas.

  7. Javed Karim says

    Don’t worry he will manage everything and will also become MNA in future. Doing work for Chitral is his mission and you dont need to worry about his future.

    1. Khalid Ahmed Khan says

      My message to all the flatterers is: say nothing if there is nothing to say!

      Anwar Aman will become an MNA; he is the great son of Chitral; don’t worry about him; hes bo lot herdi mosh, etc. Do you anything else to say except flattering?? I am dead sure, you don’t.

      You have NO logic to prove your point. You have no guts to act all by yourself except flattering and doing chamcha giri and become a darbarin to become rich overnight, which is not possible, dude.

      He [Anwar Aman] will be become an MNA. Oh my God…look at this poor guy! Look at his darbari mentality. Becoming a tiny safarishi senator like the one of your area or a toothless MNA simply should not be simply the cup of tea of a man like Anwar Aman or any other guy who has got some exposure.

      Listen buddy, Anwar Aman is a billionaire but people like myself, many others such as the brave Col Ikramullah Khan – who just rightly spoke his heart out – are simply the WELL-WISHERS OF EVERY CAPABLE, TALENTED, WORTHY, COURAGEOUS, BOLD, BRAVE and so on and so forth Chitrali.

      We simply want and advice the gentlemen not to fell prey to the opportunist tola comprising nalaiq LLB pass wukla with no cases in their hands, golden handshake holder berozgar teachers, BA (Elective English) fail property dealers, dhol damama bajane walei raqaas and so on and so forth.

      Footnote: I never got the opportunity to meet the gentleman from American nor do I have any wish to meet him. I just bring all this in his notice cuz he is a hardworking guy. Investment in a bakwas project like the one he is planning to undertake would be like throwing good money after bad. Even then if he is so convinced by the flatterers, and darbaris, it is completely his call! Good luck buddy!

      1. Javed Karim says

        How many attempt you make you will not get anything from Anwar bhai. Dont be jelous from his projects you seem to be a spoon of shahzda sb but Anwar sb knows every chitrali very much and he will not listen to rejected people like you. He will do whatever possible to better the condition of chitrali nation and you better continue licking the boots of your masters.

        1. Khalid Ahmed Khan says

          To be frank, you seem a certified darbari. You imply incorrigible. People like you are born like this and die like this. These shehzads could be of any importance to you, but to me: thee shazadas are my foot.
          Who is important to whom is quite evident from your broken write ups. I have explained everything in detail but even then if you could not comprehend simple English, you better go to the proposed site of the project as it is a very good ghari, and do some pajali, the only place best suited for pajali.

          1. Khalid Ahmed Khan says

            You are simply incorrigible.*

          2. Dr. Khalil says

            Anwar Aman is basically a dental technician, landed in USA as the husband of an Indian woman as the principal applicant was his wife who was qualified enough to apply for immigration. Anwar as a diploma holder came to US as husband of Indian women as pro-Indian man. He can do many more in Chitral. The next govt must investigate his status and there are chances his properties will be taken in government custody.

            I personally don’t know much about Anwar but his father was known to me during my job with AKDN. I visited his village Breshgam many times. One thing is for sure he has entered USA as husband of an Indian woman for 100% sure.

  8. Co (r) Ikram Ullah Khan says

    I have my absolute concurrence with Mr Khalid Ahmed Khan’s honest, prudent and sincere comments very well articulated calling a spade a spade. There is no dearth of double-dealers who run with the hare and hunt with the hounds. Mr Anwar Aman should be wary of such characters. He should keep all the sychophants and parasitic elements at bay, and consult all the sincere friends , relatives and genuine well-wishers before going ahead with the project. Personally , I don’t see any wisdom in such a huge investment in an area which has no potential to pay back. To my understanding, it would prove to be a sterile investment in a barren land.
    Mr Anwar Aman seems to be a very simple and innocent soul who has already taken a big plunge in the shape of investing on a five star hotel in Chitral which seemingly has no promising future. However, if Mr Aman has any intention to work for the welfare of Chitralis, he should open a charity institution like a charity hospital, etc; that would be a noble deed.

  9. Co (r) Ikram Ullah Khan says

    I have my absolute concurrence with Mr Khalid Ahmad Khan’s honest, prudent and sincere comments vey well articulated calling a spade a spade. There is no dearth of double-dealers who run with the hare and hunt with the hounds. Mr Anwar Aman should be wary of such characters. He should keep all the sychophants and parasitic elements at bay and consult all the sincere friends , relatives and genuine well-wishers before going ahead with the project. Personally , I don’t see any wisdom in such a huge investment in an area which has no potential to pay back. To my understanding, it would prove to be a sterile investment in a barren land. He has already taken a big plunge in the shape of investing on a five star hotel in Chitral.

  10. Amir Afzal ex Manager HBL says

    محترم انور امان صاحب آپ کی یہ کوشش انشاء اللہ کامیاب ہوگی
    کیونکہ ہر نیک کام میں کامیابی نیتوں پر منحصر ہے ہے نیت صاف منزل آ سان
    اعلیٰ تعلیم کے لئے آپ کی کوششوں کو اپر چترال کے عوام کبھی نہیں بھولیں گے ، ہماری دعا ہے اللّٰہ تبارک وتعالیٰ آپ کو اس عظیم مقصد میں کامیاب کرے آمین ثم آمین

    1. Khalid Ahmed Khan says

      I would like to disagree with the pensioned HBL baboo. He must be having some vested interest. Oherwise he would not have come with a lame excuse like “behel bos, khodai chutiyo taten sprum gherar, tu ispa kapala noghor”, etc. Oh good God…poverty is such a disgrace.

      To be frank, the retired bank wala seems so DESPERATE. Why? Why is he letrally begging Anwar Aman? He is begging cuz he thinks he can mislead Anwar Aman through his sugar coated daqyanusi kalimaat.

      No matter how hard you try, people like you will not be able to MISLEAD a shrewd businessman like Aman as he is not so naive to be TRAPPED by the land mafia involving people like pensioned bank walas, retired headmasters, cunning nalaiq lawyers, shopkeepers, retired subidars etc if Mr Aman is wise enough. If not go ahead and after some years down the road you will get to know that it was WORST EVER decision of your life. Then it will be of no to cry over spilled milk.

      Footnote: My message to all the Chitralis especially those bent upon TRAPPING Anwar Aman thru one way or another is: It sounds quite simple but the truth is that the American dream of becoming a billionaire is NOT as achieveable as you Chitralis might think thru these of kind short cuts. Learn to work hard instead of conspiring against innocent people like Anwar Aman.

      1. Ali says

        When you said Anwar Aman is American shrewd business man, then you need not to worry about anyone hijacking him in Chitral.

  11. Khalid Ahmed Khan says

    The way flatterers stepped in shows, there is something fishy. A big trap is being prepared for Anwar Aman on behest of his rivals. Anwar Aman needs to dig out whether anybody associated or related to his rivals – who are moving frim pillar to post to make Beejan controversial – had made any investment in the said piece of land he is going to invest his hard earned money. Also dig out those persuading you to go for the venture whether they have good terms with your rivals or not. I would say any BLUNDER to make investment in this particular site will be biggest mistake of Anwar Aman.

    Those who are out under the pretext of friends or so called community sympathisers are going to TRAP the poor guy. So a stich in time saves nine. Go for some other place as investment at this particular place is neither going to benefit you nor the poor masses except benefiting a handful opportunist mafia. Period.

  12. Abid from drosh chitral lower says

    Very nice sir ! We appreciat it

  13. Iqbal says

    Best wishes sir Allah pak apko har maqsad Mai kymiyab Kary Ameen

  14. Suhrab Khan says

    Inshort, he will be the Malik Riyaz of Chitral in no time.

  15. Suhrab Khan says

    Inshort, he will be malik Riyaz of Chitral no time.

  16. Rahmat Karim says

    Zabrdastttt love you Anwar sab

    1. Ismail says

      Welcome to upper chitral, your investment is highly appreciated in such remote part of the country.

  17. Shirin Shah says

    Dear Mr Anwar Aman,

    My suggestion and brotherly advice is: Don’t make a BLUNDER by throwing millions of rupees at a place for which you will repent throughout your life.

    I would rather suggest you to focus and fully utilize all your energies in materializing your dream as well as the dream of people like us in making Bejaan operational. Going for another venture at such a time will be of no use.


    Shirin Shah

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