Three jailed for illegally hunting markhor

CHITRAL: The court of subdivisional magistrate Chitral Saqlain Saleem convicted three persons of poaching a Kashmir markhor in Chitral Gol National Park and handed them down the punishment of six months rigorous imprisonment and fine of Rs100,000.

As per prosecution, Said Akbar, Saidur Rahman and Ejaz Ahmed of Kandujal village of Garam Chashma were found hunting a Kashmir markhor in Bangulay Tek situated inside the park three years ago.

The poachers fired at personnel of the park when they approached the venue of hunting and fled the area while leaving behind the carcass of the prey.

In its judgment, the court ruled that the accused failed to produce any witness in their defence while the prosecution proved that they had hunted down the markhor and had inflicted a huge loss on the local community as its hunting permit was sold at Rs15 million by the wildlife department, 80 per cent of which was transferred to the community.

The management of Chitral Gol National Park had lodged an FIR against the accused under sections 29 (5)(a), 68(1) and schedule 4 serial No. 9 of the Wildlife Act 2015.–Dawn

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