Residents protest against under-construction Bejaan Hotel

Residents protest against under-construction Bejaan Hotel

CHITRAL: Residents of Gankorini in Singoor on Friday held a protest against the management of the under-construction Bejaan Hotel and called upon the district administration to protect their privacy and sanctity of their four walls.

Work on the five-star hotel was inaugurated on Oct 28, 2020 and since then some owners of the land have been in litigation leading to frequent stay on the constriction.

They said protection of the privacy and sanctity of the veil and the four walls was the responsibility of the state, adding these rights of the residents were at stake due to irresponsible attitude of the hotel management. They also feared that after the construction of the hotel, the privacy of the residents would badly affect.

Later, Mohalla Committee Chairman and former tehsil nazim Molana Muhammad Ilyas said billions of rupees were being spent on the construction of the first five-star hotel in Chitral but the work was going on without any standard operating procedure (SOP).

This has created lots of issues for people living in the area such as violation of the privacy of families.

He demanded that the hotel management should ensure that privacy of the families is protected, no construction material is dumped near houses and construction waste is disposed of without littering in the area.

“Moreover, the hotel management should avoid any illegal, unethical activity or any act against Shariah in the area,” Molana Ilyas added.

[Bashir Hussain Azad]

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  1. Stop development, wear leather Khon gear in feet, sleep hungry and ride mules. Hire some leaders to push you back into antiquity.
    Changes will come ahead anyway but you people will not change with your mentality.
    If my house is a single roof, I shall not let my neighbor to make second story because my home sanctity is challenged. I am the cleverest man.

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