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Funds released for grid station of Upper Chitral

BOONI: An amount of Rs70.425 million has been released by the Finance Division Islamabad for the establishment of a separete grid station in Upper Chitral.

According to a notification issued to the accountant general office Peshawar, the president of the Islamic republic of Pakistan has “sanctioned a loan of Rs70,425,000 for financing of a 132 Kv grid system along with upgradation of the existing 33 Kv grid system 132 Kv in district Chitral (PESCO) executed by the Power Division through PESCO from July-December 2021 under development loan and advances by the federal government in the financial year 2021-22.”

Upper Chitral has been hit hard by power crisis after the destruction of the Reshun powerhouse in the 2015 floods. While the government failed to restore the powerhouse, due to lack of  distribution system and a separate grid station, power could not be supplied to Upper Chitral form the 108 megawatt Golen Gol powerhouse.

Tehreek Huqooq-e-Awam leader Pervez Lal told ChitralToday that the people of Upper Chitral continued their struggle under the platform of the Tehreek and recently a delegation met federal power minister Omer Ayub in Booni and requested him to resolve the issue.

The release of funds for the separate grid station was the result of our movement to resolve the power crisis, he added.     

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