Youth seeks action against police

Youth seeks action against police for beating, detaining him

CHITRAL: A fine arts graduate belonging to Jughoor in Lower Chitral was humiliated and beaten up allegedly by the Chitral police at the behest of the manager of National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) Chitral branch.

In an application addressed to the district police officer (DPO), Iftikhar Ahmed said he was working on a project assigned to him by the deputy commissioner of Lower Chitral. After completion of the artwork related to the beautification of Chitral, he was given a cheque by the DC.

Mr Ahmed went to the NBP Chitral town branch to encash the cheque. There he entered into an argument with the manager after the latter told him that the cheque could only be encashed from the bank’s Mastuj branch.

In his application, Mr Ahmed said the bank manager then called the police. A police team consisting of a couple of constables and headed by a head constable Mr Qasim reached the bank.

He alleged that the police personnel beat him up and then took him to the police station and put him behind bars till 8pm without any reason.

Mr Ahmed called upon the DPO to take action against the policemen and provide him justice.


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