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Volunteers needed for dental camps in Upper Chitral

KARACHI: Volunteers, preferably dental graduates, students or technicians, are required for a team of dental and maxillofacial surgeons who are going to hold medical camps in Upper Chitral from October 15 to October 25.

The venues of the camps are: Booni, Mastuj, Brep, Bang and other villages in Upper Chitral. The main objective of the camps is to work with the local population and promote awareness about oral health diseases and its prevention. 

Led by Dr Ali Hussain Khan, a team consisting of Dr Iqra Raza (FCPS, maxillofacial and oral surgeon) and Dr Laila Zulfiqar from Noor Dental Clinic Karachi will conduct the camps. 

Interested volunteers can contact Dr Ali Hussain Khan at this number: 03369970912 or:

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