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Has India left Afghanistan?

Prof. Rahmat Karim Baig

Our media has been reporting that India has left Afghanistan and all the investment it had made there is doomed. But it is a misconception. India has been a close friend of the rulers of Afghanistan since the creation of Pakistan and has known the psyche of the Afghans better than we know. Their ties were cemented by some political leaders of KP and therefore the presence of pro-Indian elements in Afghan society cannot be rejected outrightly. 

The presence of Indian construction companies, men of RAW in the guise of businessmen, medical workers, educationists, volunteers, diplomatic personnel etc., have been in all parts of Afghanistan, and they planted the roots of hatred against Pakistan. They have injected misleading ideas that Pakistan is the cause of all the ills of the war-torn country.

The withdrawal of US and NATO forces in haste was made discreetly. It was not done in consternation but was a calculated expediency to show and mislead world opinion. Our media took it as a panic but in fact the retreat was made to create a mess for Pakistan. It was done so to plant thorny bushes for Afghan society and aimed at creating a state of chaos and a vacuum where the Taliban would not be able to deliver and there would be a situation of civil war as the War Lords are all around with their own stockpile of weapons and trained men who have experience since the Soviet times in Kabul. 

The warlords have been waiting for a better moment to begin their uprising from different corners of the country. The US left deadly weapons to be occupied by the Taliban and use them any time anywhere. The pro-Indian elements are silently and very cunningly waiting for proper time and preparing for striking where ever they can on our border or inside our country. India has not left Afghanistan as presumed but they are still there in good number and with malicious designs.

We must not assume that we have to patronize Taliban and ask Muslim countries to help the Taliban regime or extend financial help. They came to power not by our help and would not like to be advised by our political leaders. They are Afghans and will remain Afghans in future and the germs of friendship with India will now reappear and the anti Pakistan elements will play their role more actively to create problems for us.

We have to be much more vigilant than before and should also abstain from meddling with Taliban politics. Let them play their game as Afghans have played since time immemorial. Their history tells us many things about their past and we should play carefully at this crucial stage of the emergence of Taliban. There should be no unsought advices from our leaders.

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