Injustice with Drosh in allocation of fund

DROSH: Renowned religious and political figure Qari Jamal Abdul Nasir has said  tehsil Drosh has been neglected in the allocation of beautification funds and a very meager amount has been set aside for it.
In a press statement, Qari Jamal said the provincial government had approved Rs280 million for the beautification of Chitral but surprisingly only Rs29.7 million have been allocated for the entire tehsil of Drosh, including Arandu.
He said it is totally injustice with the people of this area. Drosh starts from Lowari tunnel, thus it is the gateway to and face of Chitral, and national and international tourists first enter Drosh and then proceed to other destinations. There is a needed to beautify Drosh first and then other parts of Chitral but here the case is other way round.
Chitral has two tehsils; therefore, the funds should be equally distributed among the two tehsils.
He demanded that Chief Minister Mehmod Khan, his special special assistant Wazirzada, the commissioner of Malakand and the deputy commissioner of Lower  Chitral should take notice of the injustice and at least add Rs100 million to the already approved fund.
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