A diehard Jiyala! Pir Kausar Ali Shah

A diehard Jiyala!

Dur Wali Khan

Though Chitral has been the land of Jiyalas since 1974 when the then elected prime minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Shaheed visited Chitral for he first time in the history of the valley and abolished Usher on the poor people.
Pir Syed Kausar Ali Shah was born in the well-known Saadat family of Nirvezantek Booni in Upper Chitral. He received his primary and secondary education from government high school Booni, graduation from the government degree college Chitral and MBA from Preston University Islamabad.
He has been an active political worker of PPP Chitral since his school life and was president of the PSF in the government degree college Chitral from 1995-97.
He has worked with AKHSP, Hashoo Foundation, FMFB Pakistan, AKAM Geneva, USAID Pakistan at different capacities and currently is engaged in the business of property in Chitral. Despite his heavy commitment, he has been actively involved in party affairs.
The local, provincial and central leadership of PPP have acknowledged his services and devotion for the party and appointed him as the information secretary PPP Upper Chitral. His appointment is indeed a wise decision and will be helpful for the party.
No doubt, he is a young, energetic, well educated and dedicated Jiyale with full commitment and can be helpful to mobilize party workers and unit them to make it a leading political party in the district again.
Pir Kausar has also been a social activist, has a good leadership qualities and has a family influence to build a strong bridge between party workers and leadership to strengthen party at district level Insha Allah.

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