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Rescued golden eagle dies

CHITRAL: A rescued chick of rare golden eagle died in Chitral due to respiratory problemd, said the caretaker who kept the bird for more than two months at his home for care and treatment.

“Unfortunately, the rescued golden eagle died yesterday saddening me and my family who cared a lot for its recovery from injuries received while falling from a cliff,” said Shahzada Ameen Hasanatuddind.

Shahzada Ameen, who also is a falconer, said he got the chick from shepards in Drosh who caught it in an injured condition while pasturing their livestock in a mountainous areas.

“I paid some amount to the captors to save the bird which was in need of treatment and brought it to my home in Chitral city,” he added.

He said the chick had a broken leg and some breathing problems, probably due to falling from a cliff. 

At time when I got this eagle in July, it was about five to six weeks old and remained with me for around two months and ten days, he said.

He took the bird to veterinary doctors but ironically vets in Chitral are not much aware of avian illnesses.

He said he fed the bird with minced meat and provided possible treatment that could be given in remote Chitral valley, but the bird could not survive.

In a choked voice, Shahzada Gul said due to lack of resources, he could not save the bird which was growing very fast and within a period of two months was looking like a mature eagle.–The Nation

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  1. حق گو says

    You should have hand it over to the relevant department for taking care. It is but not your duty to take care of the Eagle.

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