Georgian team scales Saraghrar peak in Chitral

Georgian mountaineers descend to Saraghrar base camp

Three Georgian mountaineers – Archil Badriashvili, Giorgi Tepnadze and Baqar Gelashvili – for the first time scaled the unclimbed peak Saraghrar North West (7,300m) of the Hindu Kush mountain range located in Terich valley, Upper Chitral, and are now back at the base camp.

Georgian climbers descend to Saraghrar base camp
Georgian climbers before scaling Saraghrar peak. (File)

Although the Georgian climbers have not enjoyed a lot of press, they have an impressive background of highly technical new routes and first ascents,” reports.

The Georgian climbers arrived in Pakistan to scale  Saraghrar on Aug 16 and scaled the peak on Sept 9.

Earlier, Spanish expeditions had tried to ascend the peak of Saraghrar North West at least three times.

The Georgian climbers team now is willing to help three other Pakistani-Czech climbers stranded in Mount Rakaposhi.

Archil Badriashvili, who is leading the Georgian team of climbers, shared his team’s desire with Explorersweb to help rescue the mountaineers trapped at 6,900m of Rakaposhi.

The Georgian climbers currently are in their base camp in Chitral.

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