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Training sessions held for potato growers

CHITRAL: A team of the agriculture department’s extension wing visited the potato-producing areas of Lot Koh valley and held training sessions for farmers in Parabek and Mogh villages.

Subject matter specialist Rafiq Ahmed and agriculture officer Shahzad Ayub imparted training to farmers on potato and pea production, use of modern technology and winter management of fruit trees.

The trainers said experiments had proven that the area’s soil was ideal for growing bumper crops of potato and peas.

They added that farmers could use modern mode of farming to enhance yield per square feet.

They also told the farmers about the management of fruit plants and trees during the prolonged winter season in the area.

They asked the farmers to get themselves registered with the model farms services centre, which was the elected body of farmers acting as a bridge between the farming community and the agricultural department.–Dawn

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