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Ajmalud Din (Booni)

What we did on the 75th independence day of our beloved country was tremendous and detestable. And that marvelous great job was to plant a tree by everyone. As “Ten Billion Trees Tsunami Program” is already in progress to revive forest and wildlife resources and to encourage eco-tourism in Pakistan and Billions of rupees have been allocated to Ministry of Climate Change for implementation of this program throughout the country. Much has been done erstwhile in this regard since 2019 and more expected to be done in future till 2023.

Most f the people on this planet are trying their level best to make it more favorable, beautiful and peaceful to live despite being disturbed by climate change. In this regard the world community is struggling to increase plantation, vertical agriculture and reduce the entry of hazardous gases in to the environment via different means. However, the need of the hour is to create consistency in our struggle till the end; rather be affected for longer time due to wrong interpretation of fake data and false predictions.

Moreover, in our daily routine, we have observed that after performing a good deed, we just stick to the advertisement of that single action, instead of doing more and more. We consider it enough to get best positive results. While in reality it is not that much easy to get everything fine in return. Likewise, after planting a tree we think that our duty is over and leave it on the plants and its environment to give us output in form of fruits and woods etc. Thus we don’t even bother to visit that planted area once in a year. The way parents treat their babies from birth till maturity, and care about their food, clothes and shelter. Similarly plants also need a bit care from planting till fruiting or maturity.

By care doesn’t mean that you have to spend full time with a single plant or an orchard but at least visit your planted area once in a week. Care means to give them water on time and to adopt precautionary measures to save your plants from insects, pests and other diseases. In this way plants can be made fruitful both for ourselves and for our community where we are living. Otherwise if we start forgetting our plants after plantation, then I think its just a wastage of time, money, area and other resources.

Lets come to the main point which I want to share with everyone who wants to plant or have already planted, that never leave your plant alone after burying it in a pit. In order to get fruitful results, we must treat them carefully because putting plants on God’s mercy after plantation is not enough. So try to take some further steps to achieve the real objective of the plantation. A humble request, hereby, is to look after your plants by irrigating them on time and protecting them from animal grazing and other diseases with integrated managements. In this way we can enjoy the real beauty of this world with prosperous life and peaceful natural environment, else we might end up in catastrophe.

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