Senate body discusses rising suicide cases in Chitral

Work underway to decriminalize suicide: minister

ISLAMABAD: Shireen Mazari, the minister for human rights, informed a Senate committee that her ministry was working on decriminalising suicide as it was being done throughout the world.

“Suicide is a medical issue not a criminal issue and it should be dealt accordingly,” she said.
The Senate Standing Committee on Human Rights discussed the issue of rising suicide cases in Chitral and ways and means to check the trend.

Members of the committee were briefed on growing incidents of suicide in Chitral and surrounding areas by officials from the Ministry of Human Rights.  

The director general human rights told the members that Chitral is notorious for a higher rate of suicide. One of the main reasons of the suicide was poverty as well as lack of job opportunities for youth of that area.

“Children are being pressured by parents to attain higher marks in examination which is also exerting considerable stress on minds of younger generations. Mental health issues are ignored and there is no infrastructure available for treatment of such individuals.

Among others, domestic violence is another big reason for higher suicide rate especially among women of that area,” he said.

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