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Teachers protest proposed privatization of colleges

Teachers protest proposed privatization of colleges

CHITRAL: College teachers and other staff here on Thursday took out a rally against the provincial government’s plan to constitute board of governors (BOGs) to run the educational institutions.

The teachers are of the view that by forming the BoGs, the government is, in a sense, trying to privatize the colleges. This will make education costly and close the doors of colleges on those who are unable to afford it.

The participants of the rally were chanting slogans such as “Privatization of colleges unacceptable,” and “We reject BOGs in colleges,” and “Say no to privatization and BOGs.”

Speakers on the occasion said according to the draft BOG law, the employees of the colleges would remain civil servants. “But we do not want any BOG and privatization of colleges because this is against the interest and future of the poor students,” they said.

The protesters called upon the government to revisit its decision and withdraw the proposed law otherwise the teachers across the province would launch an agitation.


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