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Two injured in attack on hotel in Drosh

Abbas Hussain

DROSH: Two people were injured in an attack on a hotel in Drosh on Saturday night.

Locals people told ChitralToday that some people in three vehicles reached Nasrullah Hotel in Shahnigar area of Drosh and sprayed some chemicals into the eyes of two hoteliers.

The attackers also beat up Ziaullah, 24, and Hammad, 16, sons of Nasrullah, a native of Baradam, who runs the hotel in Drosh on rent. The injured persons have been shifted to Peshawar.

Police have not yet registered an FIR to arrest the attackers, saying action would be taken after receiving medical reports from Peshawar.

The injured accused the owner of the hotel building, Sardar Hussain, son of Sardarul Mulk,   of attacking them over a dispute on the payment of rent. 

They said the owner arranged the attack to forcibly evict the tenants over the rent dispute.


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