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UoC not included in list for student loan scheme

Dear Editor,

Through your widely read online daily, I want to highlight an important issue which I would expect political leaders of the government in power and all other parties will take notice of and will devise some strategy for it.

The NBP has announced a loan scheme for higher education of Pakistani students between the ages of about 20-36 yeras.


i)Engineering  ii) Electronics iii) Oil Gas & Petro-Chemical Technology   iv) Agriculture

  1. v) Medicine vi) Physics vii) Chemistry viii) Biology, Molecular Biology & Genetics ix) Mathematics x) Other Natural Sciences xi) DAWA and Islamic Jurisprudence (LL. B/LL.M Sharia) xii) Computer Science/Information System and Technology including hardware. xiii) Economics, Statistics and Econometrics xiv) Business Management Sciences xv) Commerce


Under the scheme the students are eligible to apply for loans provided:

  1. i) He/She has obtained admission on merit through normal course/procedure in the approved Universities/Colleges of the public sector (List Attached) mentioned hereunder.
  2. ii) He/She falls at the time of admission within the age bracket of: 

For graduation not exceeding 21 years

For post-graduation not exceeding 31 years

For PhD not exceeding 36 years

He/She has secured 70% marks in the last public examination.

He/She has undertaken the study of the subjects given below.

He/She is unable to pursue studies due to financial constraints.  

There are 35 institutions of KP in the list except University of Chitral.  I have gone through the list in detail and strongly feel that Chitral has been left out just for no reason. This is unacceptable and impractical.

My request to the senator, MNA  and MPA from Chitral: if this information  makes you upset, please do talk to the concerned authorities to revise the list if not; may God forgive you!


Saifuddin Saif,


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1 Comment
  1. Shah Karez says

    I highlighted this wrongly in my facebook page. Thank you Saif for bringing it up for action. I hope our MNA will urgently take up this matter to do away with the fault and include Chitral University in the list. By the way this speaks for the incompetence of concerned individuals.

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