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Rally appeals to citizens to protect new plants

Independence Day rally held in Booni

BOONI: CHEPS, a civil society organization working for the protection of environment, has appealed to the citizens to protect and water newly-planted saplings at Qaqlasht and elsewhere in Upper Chitral.

The appeal was issued by CHEPS Chairperson Rehmat Ali Jaffardost on Independence Day.

Talking to ChitralToday over the phone, he said his organization had been working for the protection of environment and heritage of Chitral for years.

He said he organized the Independent Day rally from Booni to Qaqlasht with an emphasize on protecting trees planted by the government and the civil society at Qaqlasht and other areas.

He asked the locals especially those travelling through Qaqlasht to carry at least one bottle of water and use it to water the plants there.

Mr Jaffardost said this small act can be a catalyst in changing public behaviour towards the protection of the environment and making Chitral greener. 

A large number of people from different walks of life participated in the rally.

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