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Owners of land used for road in Reshun yet to get compensation

RESHUN: The residents of Reshun village, whose land was acquired by the National Highway Authority (NHA) for construction of a diversion for the Chitral-Booni Road, have demanded payment of compensation. 

Amirullah Khan, a former member of the district council from the area, told reporters on Monday that after erosion of the Chitral-Booni Road in June, vehicular traffic was suspended for six days. He said that the NHA had acquired land from eight persons for making a diversion.

He said that the diversion passed through standing crops of wheat and vegetables and fruit orchards.

He added that the five families, who were rendered homeless, needed immediate payment of compensation.

The former councilor regretted that the affected families were still waiting for payment of compensation of their land used up for carving the diversion.–Dawn

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  1. Shahid says

    This has become normal. The government owes scores of other people dues in the form of land compensation, contract dues, hotel bills, transport bills etc, which it refuses to pay in time and the affectees have to approach courts for it.

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