Road accident at Reshun gol

Four killed in road accident near Reshun

RESHUN: Four persons, including a woman and a child, lost their life and several others sustained injuries when a coaster coming from Peshawar fell into a ravine in north of Reshun today.

The driver of the vehicle belonging to Junalikoch is among the dead in the accident that occurred at Domun Gol. 

Names of the injured persons and deceased.

Mujeeb ur Rahman s\o Faiz ur Rahman Booni,
Javeed s|o sher Mubin Booni,
Mustansir s|o Rahmat Kuragh,
Muzamil S|o Tawakal Kuragh,
Adeeba Naz d|o Balan Naz Charun Ovir,
Samigha Nazir d|o Ali Nizar Kuragh,
Musarat Shaheen d|o Syed Sulaiman Shah, Brep,
Razia Sultan, Tek lasht, Booni and Rohida, resident of Kosht.

Hamid Ali Shah s|o Hussain Ali Shah (driver) Booni,
Shabana d|o Ghulam Charun and Hassan Taban s|o Syed Ali Awi.

Rescue 1122 said 15 people were on board the vehicle when it met with the accident. The four persons died on the spot, it added 

Four killed in Reshun accidentMost of the injured were women belonging to different parts of Upper Chitral and were heading home to celebrate Eid.

Deputy Commissioner Upper Chitral Muhammad Ali along with his team reached the spot and supervised operation to shift the injured to the tehsil headquarters hospital Booni.

A local administration official told ChitralToday that three injured have been shifted to the hospital.

All medical and paramedical staff at the hospital have been put on high alert, he added

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  1. So very sad. Precious lives lost due to either overspending or fault in the vehicle. May the departed souls rest in peace and the injured get well soon. Although travel from Islamabad to Chitral has become safer due to standardised service provision by two private operators but Peshawar to Chitral remains as risky as it used to be 20 years ago. There is no hope that it’s going to change anytime sooner. That is the price we pay for being part of KPK where first things don’t change, even if they did, it takes ages because our fellow frontiersmen are resistant to change. Here standardised services are “alien thoughts” and not good for business. People from far flung areas like us have no other choice but to avail whatever services are provided. There are little or no vehicle inspection system introduced by the Govt. could there be a possibility of the same private operators run coaster service from Peshawar? Lowari tunnel and Swat motorway have made the long travel short and comfortable but we still lose precious lives? Who is responsible here? Awa am, the govt, or the driver and his vehicle? I can’t find the answer. Can you?

  2. With apologies, Rescue 1122 was the last who reached the incident site, all casualties were rescued from the Abyss (gehri khaai) by the local volunteers of FOCUS & shifted to local health center. At health center Pakistan Red Crescent staff & volunteers handled the casualties with health staff & provided necessary First Aid to casualties. Rescue 1122 team reach after 2 hours of the incident.

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