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Chitral cannot afford even a single Afghan refugee

 پاکستان بین الاقومی تنظیم براے انسداد دھشت گردی کا امتحان پاس کیوں نہیں کرسکا؟ 

Dr Khalil Jughooru

US and NATO forces have almost withdrawn from Afghanistan, and the Afghan Taliban have taken over 80-90 percent of the country. The number of those who do not believe in the Taliban is much higher than the Taliban in Afghanistan. And the Western media is reporting that millions of Afghans who do not like the Taliban regime have started leaving their country.
We the people of Chitral unanimously want to bring to the notice of our government and and our representative MNA Abdul Akbar, MPA Wazir Zada ​​that we, the people of Chitral, cannot allow any Afghan to re-enter Chitral as a refugee under any circumstances.

Considering the economic condition of the country, today people are suffering from all kinds of problems, inflation has gone up and our resources are not enough to bear anyone else in resource poor valley. Chitral has already suffered a lot because of Afghans in the past.

Our culture, environment, forests, pastures, all social and economic problems created by Afghans are irreversible.

The damage caused to the businessmen in Chitral Bazaar and peripheries by the Afghans could not be remedied. Chitral, which was once a place of peace, became aware of criminal elements. Until now we have not been able to fix them.

We can no longer afford to tolerate any refugees in our resource poor valley. Respecting the public opinion, our representatives should record this public voice in the provincial and National Assembly. Otherwise, we will take to the streets and take our protest to the parliament house from now on.

And if any Afghan enters the Chitral frontier, the people of Chitral are prepared for a full-fledged resistance. Peace has never been established in Afghanistan and it does not seem to be happening in near future. The Afghans themselves are responsible for this. Why should we suffer the consequences of their deeds?

We also request that the Afghans still present in Chitral be expelled from the district as soon as possible.

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