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MNA asked to utilize development funds on merit

AYUN: MNA Molana Abdul Akber has started utilizing development funds in localities dominated by his party office-bearers and workers in complete disregard to road infrastructures in othera reas of Chitral that need urgent repair and maintenance.  

This was stated by social and political figure Jandula Khan in a statement issued here on Wednesday. 

He was referring to the inauguration of work by the MNA on construction of a one km long road from Birmoghjal to Jinjiret for which a whooping amount of Rs6.83 million has been allocated from the funds allocated to the MNA by the federal governemnt.

Jandula Khan said main roads in other parts of Chitral were in a shambles but their reconstruction seemed not a priority for the MNA. The MNA is going to spend the Rs6.8 million on a road that serves only some office-bearers of Jamaat-e-Islami to which the MNA belongs, he added.

Had the MNA utilized some of the funds on black topping of Ayun road it would have been helpful not only for the locals but also for tourists, he added.

He asked the MNA to spend the funds on the basis of merit and avoid using them to please his party workers and office-bearers.–Muhkam Uddin Ayuni  

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