America’s ‘worst’ defeat in Afghanistan

Shahbaz Hussain 
US Secretary of State Anthony Blankenship has rejected criticism of current CIA chief William Burns and former US General Petraeus over the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan. Anthony Blanken has said the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan is right because the United States has achieved all its goals in Afghanistan.
He spoke in support of the US Alliance but said maintaining some independence was important for al Qaeda in Afghanistan.
“Now we have to focus our resources on China and the challenges of climate change,” he said. It is known as Khusyani Bili Khumba Noche. For example, the United States is tearing up its own wounds in Afghanistan. Historically, what the US Secretary of State said about achieving US goals and objectives in Afghanistan is 200% false.
The United States did not come to Afghanistan just to eliminate al Qaeda. He said he would annihilate the Taliban. His goal was to make Afghanistan a secular country. One goal was to provide Afghanistan with a “sustainable American” or “sustainable democracy” government. The United States has not been able to achieve any of these goals in Afghanistan. Despite 20 years of US aggression, the Taliban are alive and well. According to a BBC report, 70% of Afghanistan is under Taliban control or under Taliban control. The United States has not been able to make Afghanistan secular. Afghanistan was and is Islamic.
The endurance of Ashraf Ghani’s puppet government is a sign that if the US is not behind it, the Taliban will overthrow it in a week. The US military and police in Afghanistan are demoralized and unable to resist the Taliban without US support. That is why the army and police often change allegiances and join the Taliban. The army and police have carried out dozens of attacks on US troops and Afghan personnel in the past ten years.
Of course, the United States has weakened al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, but the fact is that al-Qaeda has weakened in Afghanistan and has been replaced by ISIS. The United States also fears that al-Qaeda may re-emerge in Afghanistan after the complete withdrawal of the United States from Afghanistan.
The biggest failure of the US in Afghanistan is that the US used to call the Taliban terrorists and bloodthirsty after 9/11. The United States insisted that the Taliban had not been touched by human civilization, but the United States was eventually found begging for talks with the Taliban. The strength of the Taliban was that they were unwilling to negotiate with the world’s only superpower. So the US put pressure on Pakistan to force the Taliban to negotiate with the US. In the light of these facts, the US claim that it has achieved its goals and objectives in Afghanistan is nothing but a lie. The fact is that in 20 years of aggression, the United States has failed to achieve any of its goals.
However, in those 20 years, the United States has poured 1,000 billion into the war in Afghanistan. Two and a half thousand of its soldiers were killed. More than 22,000 were seriously injured. These deaths seem rare, but in Afghanistan the competition was between ants and elephants. So if the ants killed two and a half thousand elephants and badly injured 22,000, it is a great victory for the ants. But this is a “minor interpretation” of the Taliban’s victory in Afghanistan. The real meaning of the Taliban’s victory is that America’s worst defeat in Afghanistan and the Taliban’s unprecedented victory is a miracle of the 21st century.
The “argument” is that the political power of the United States and the Taliban was one to one lakh. The power of the Taliban was one and the power of the United States was one hundred thousand. Economically, there was another 10 million relationship between the Taliban and the United States. The economic power of the Taliban was equal to one and the power of the United States was equal to one crore.
Militarily, the US and the Taliban had a ratio of one to one billion. The Taliban’s military might was equivalent to one and the American power was equivalent to one billion. Despite this horrific imbalance of power, the United States was defeated in Afghanistan. This is a greater victory in Afghanistan than the victory of the Mujahideen against the Soviet Union. Because the jihadists against the Soviet Union had the support of the United States and Europe. All the important countries of the Muslim world were helping the Mujahideen, but the American resistance had no backing. It had the support of Russia, not China, Europe or the Islamic world. The question then is what is the basis of the Taliban’s victory?
 The answer to this question is that Allah does not look at resources, He looks at intention, He looks at hearts. There was a terrible imbalance of power in the Battle of Badr. On one side were three hundred and thirteen helpless people. On the other side was an army of a thousand. They had abundant resources but the Holy Prophet and the group of companions were sincerely ready to resist falsehood.
The Taliban had the United States in front of them, but they were not afraid of the United States. They were sincerely ready to resist the United States. They were not resisting to show off. They had no worldly goals in mind. They only wanted to proclaim the greatness of God. That was the point. The most important thing after good intentions is the spirit of sacrifice. God sees that my servants are willing to lay down their lives to proclaim my glory. Sacrifice is also a great thing, but patience over sacrifices is even greater. In Afghanistan, the Taliban also made sacrifices and showed patience. Allah also loves the perseverance of the believer. Despite the sacrifices and losses, the believer remains steadfast in his purpose.
When all this happens, what is called Allah’s help comes to the fore. One has to look at what Allah’s Nussrah is in the 21st century, then one can see Allah’s Nussrah in the defeat of America and its allies in Afghanistan and the victory of the Taliban. The fact is that without Nusratullah, America’s defeat in Afghanistan is not possible
But fulfilling the requirements of the revelation of divine help is not a joke. Who was not a rival of the Taliban in Afghanistan but the Taliban stuck to their mission and 20 years of resistance changed the map of Afghanistan. Afghanistan before 9/11 was Taliban Afghanistan. Now, after America’s worst and most historic defeat, Afghanistan is once again the Taliban’s Afghanistan.
Afghanistan is called the graveyard of empires and that is right. Proof of this is the defeat of Britain in Afghanistan.
The Soviet Union was defeated and now the United States is defeated in Afghanistan. Behind this history, Islam exists as a force, but one of the characters in this scenario is the “Mullah” of Afghanistan.
Allama Iqbal was very angry with the Mullahs of the subcontinent, right or wrong, and he has made strong attacks on the Mullahs in his poetry. He says:
Mullah who is allowed to prostrate in India
Nadan thinks that Islam is free
Afrang has taught me Zindiqi
Why are naked Muslims of this era?
There was a lot of research on lion men
The remaining slaves of Sufis and Mullahs, O Saqi
I know the consequences
The battle in which Ghazi was found
These poems of Iqbal are an advertisement of Iqbal’s displeasure with the Mullah of the subcontinent but Iqbal was very happy with the Mullah of Afghanistan.
So he said.
This is the cure for the pride of Afghans
Get Mullah out of his mountain and oppression
According to Iqbal, the Mullah of Afghanistan is a champion and protector of the honor of his nation. The beauty of this is that in times of peace he serves in mosques and madrassas, but as soon as an evil force comes to enslave Afghanistan the mullah takes up arms and goes out on jihad.
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