New DC Upepr Chitral arrives

New DC Upper Chitral arrives

BOONI: The new deputy commissioner of Upper Chitral arrived in Booni on Saturday and will take charge on Monday.

Mr Muhammad Ali, a grade 18 officer of Provincial Management Service (PMS), replaces Shah Saud, who has been directed to report to the Establishment Division in Peshawar. 

Mr Ali is the second DC of Upper Chitral which became a district in 2018.–Sher Afgan 

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  1. As a district commissioner he should be looking after development activities going in Booni in particular and other departments in general. Poor quality of work is going on be it black topping or widening of the road, electricity and so on. Just transfer of a man would make a difference. people are damaging/occupying roads by keeping building block on road side and very narrow strip is left for vehicles to cross, and there is no one to ask.

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