MNA rubishes contractors’ allegation


CHITRAL: MNA Molana Abdul Akber Chitrali on Friday categorically rejected an alelgation by contractors that he was hands in glove with officials of PWD in awarding contracts of projects being executed under the MNA funds to a blue-eyed contractor.

He was reacting to the allegation made by the contractor association of Chitral on June 25 that the PWD officials awarded the contracts in cllusion with the MNA ignoring eight well-known construction companies.

Speaking at a press conference, the MNA said commission is the modern name for corruption and contractors who are fed on such ill-gotten money also consider others as corrupt.  

“My job is to bring funds for development but I have no concern to whom the department awards the contract and neither I have ever reccommended any contractor for any project.” 

About the chairman of the contractor asspciation Chitral, who made the allegation, the MNA remarked: “One should ask him did I even take a cup of tea from him after getting his Rs5.5 million stuck-up money?”

The MNA said the government should hold an investigation into the supply of equipment to the DHQ hospital and other organizations by the contractor so that facts would come out. 

He said he would make it sure that the Rs100 million MNA funds are utilized for the development of Chitral in a transparent amnner.–Muhkam uddin Ayuni

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