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Police trying to occupy rest house in Laspur, say locals

HARCHIN: Elders of Laspur at a meeting here said the local police is trying to occupy a rest house constructed for the public on the main road in Harchin through funds provided by former member provincial assembly Haji Ghulam Muhammad.

In a resolution addressed to the deputy commissioner and the district police officer of Upper Chitral, the notables of Laspur said the rest house was set up on land owned by the health department on the main Shandur road.

But for the last a few months, the local police has been trying to occupy the rest house. The residents have already expressed their resentment and demanded action against the police bid, the resolution added.

The resolution stated that the current police station in Laspur was also set up illegally in a rest house. During state days, the police station building was a rest house and used by tourists coming to the area.

Moreover, the police have established a check post in Harchin village that is an encroachment on a footpath used by locals including women. With no other alternative, pedestrians, including women, have to pass through the check post which is compromising on their privacy.

The participants of the meeting demanded that the deputy commissioner and the district police officer should order an inquiry into their complaints and shift the police station and the check post to a government land. 

They said if the authorities failed to take action, the locals would be left with no other option but to launch a protest move. 

The meeting chaired by former union council member abd social activist Nigah bin Shah was attended by Suharwardi Khan Yaftali, Muhammad Sharif Khan, Adeer Ahmed Khan and a large number of other notables.

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