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UoC budget approved

Results of MA private candidates announced

PESHAWAR: The government has approved budgets for Khyber Medical University and University of Chitral for the fiscal year 2021-22.

The budget for both the universities was approved in separate meetings of senates of KMU and University of Chitral held here on Monday with Governor Shah Farman in the chair.

A statement said on the occasion, the governor stressed the need for ensuring financial discipline in KMU and called for solid initiatives with regard to modern research that should be shared with the health department for designing its policies accordingly.

Of 32 public sector universities in the province, budget for 22 universities has been approved so far.

The rest of the universities would submit their budget for approval till June 30 as per schedule already issued to them by the Governor’s Secretariat. 

The governor, who is also chancellor of the varsities, said that the exercise was exclusively being done for the first time in the history of the varsities’ budgetary affairs to streamline the budget process of all universities besides putting their financial discipline on track.

In this regard, instructions have already been issued to all the public sector universities to prepare their budget and present the same to their senates for approval.

The governor has taken serious notice of presentation of budget by the public sector universities to their senates after start of the financial year.

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