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Tourist shoots Markhor in Toshi Shasha

A tourist shot an endangered female Kashmir Markhor in Chitral’s Toshi Shasha conservation centre Monday afternoon.

According to witnesses, the Markhor was drinking water from a river near the Garam Chashma road when the bullet hit her and the six-year-old animal fell into the river. 

The eyewitnesses said a tourist from outside Chitral shot the Markhor from a Toyota Corolla car and sped away.

The animal was rescued by the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Wildlife Department and immediately moved to a veterinary hospital. “She is in critical condition,” the department’s DFO said.

During summer, female markhors come down from their habitat to give birth.

A case has been registered against the suspect who was visiting the area from another district. But he managed to flee from the site.

According to a study, Kashmir Markhor is endangered in the area because of habitat loss, unsustainable hunting, and competition with domestic livestock.

The mountain goat’s habitat includes the Hindu Kush Himalayas in Pakistan, India, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan. 



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  1. Imtiaz Booni says

    A question mark. How a tourist roam around the area while carrying a gun. No checking at entry point of the district, the city or anywhere else? What the police is doing and other security agencies are doing. Are they only to humiliate Chitrali people in name of security especially at Lowari tunnel.

  2. shah karez says

    We demand that the culprit must be caught and punished for violation of law. This is a brutal act on the part of the visitor who shot the innocent animal. The wildlife department should hold the concerned watchers accountable for negligence of duty. The administration must keep an eye on tourists who violate environmental protocols.

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