Protesters block road after woman hit by car

Protesters block road after car hits woman

CHITRAL: People of Jughoor blocked Chitral-Peshawar road for two hours after a taxi car hit and injured a woman.

The wife of Muhammad Khan was crossing the road when the Ghugai (NCP-2593) hit her. The injured was shifted to the district headquarters hospital.

People of the area then blocked the road in protest due to which passengers travelling to different areas got stranded.

The protesters said due to speeding such incidents have become common in the area endangering lives of the locals.

They said the area had 60 houses and there were eight schools and the residents, especially women and students, were at the risk of being hit by these recklessly driven vehicles.

Later, district administration officials reached the spot and assured the protesters that speed breakers would soon be constructed on the road. The protesters then dispersed — Bashir Hussain Azad

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