Chitral-Shandur road works awarded


ISLAMABAD: The executive board of National Highway Authority (NHA) approved the award of works for improvement and widening of Chitral-Shandur road.

The project will be executed in four packages. In the first package, the road would be improved and widened in Chitral town in the second to Booni (38km), third Booni to Shaidas (8km) and in package four from Shaidas to Shandur (114km).

Package-III: Booni-Shaidas would be awarded to the lowest evaluated bidder M/s Umer Jan & Company against their evaluated bid price of Rs2.54 billion.

Package-II: Preyit-Booni to the  lowest evaluated bidder M/s Umer Jan & Company at their evaluated bid price of Rs2.82 billion.

  1. Mari says

    Yes Ansar, you are absolutely right. As black toping of road within Booni has started however the quality is VERY poor. People should take it very seriously and drive on the road to see its quality. To my knowledge if it snows on such quality, it will be like the road from Booni Bazar to AKBMC. DC and his administration should ensure quality of black toping now a days in progress in Booni.

  2. Ansar Ali Adnan says

    This road is a metaled road on the records of CNW department. We have heard many times about the allotment of tender and funds for this road from our childhood, even many surveys have been carried out but no practical work has been done yet. We can hope and pray for this project to complete which is of immense importance for newly coined district upper Chitral.

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