Garam Chashma road condition deteriorates under NHA

Garam Chashma road becoming potential death trap under NHA

CHITRAL: After taking over by the National Highway Authority (NHA), the condition of Garam Chashma road has further deteriorated to become a potential death trap for the commuters.

On June 9, the road from Chitral town to Mastuj was washed away by river Yarkhun near Reshun due to the negligence of the NHA and other government departments.

Talking to ChitralToday on the phone, a resident of Garam Chashma said three small bridges on the road to his area were about to collapse.

On repeated demands and threat of protests, the NHA officials just talk to a contractor to repair the Ucho bridge. But the contractor did not bother to visit the bridge to start work and sublet the task to a carpenter.

The carpenter delayed the repair work even after opening the wooden bridge and after protest by the locals came to the site and started reconnecting the broken plunks.

The locals protested and said the old plunks were already damaged and should be replaced with new ones.

Moreover, they said, the NHA should send an engineer to examine the bridge and reconstruct it properly.

The residents said if the bridge was not reconstructed under the supervision of an engineer on time, they would hold protest against the NHA. 

The residents said due the dilapidated condition of the road and bridges, they were facing lots of hardship and the lives of the commuters were at risk.

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