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AKHS vaccinates entire eligible population of Broghil valley

AKHSP vaccinates entire eligible population of Broghil
BOONI: A mobile team from the Aga Khan Health Service (AKHS) visited Broghil valley and vaccinated the whole eligible population of the remote area. 
Broghil valley is located 245 km away from Chitral town  lying at an altitude of 12,500 feet.
It is linked with the Afghanistan through the narrow belt of Wakhan. The total population extrapolated at 2.5pc growth rate is around 1,628 (according to 2017 government census). There are 200 households.
There are seven villages in the entire valley located at around one-hour walking distance from each other. The residents of these valleys have retained their distinct culture and traditional values. 
The nearest Covid vaccination centre for the area is at Mastuj, which is located at a distance of around nine hours’ drive and travel cost is high.
Keeping in view the issue of accessibility to available vaccination centers for general public in Upper Chitral like Yarkhun, particularly Broghil, the AKHS developed a plan to increase access to vaccination in the far-flung areas. 
After building up mutual understanding with Department of Health, the district health officer (DHO) approved outreach vaccination and provided Covid-19 vaccines to AKHS . The team then  visited Broghil valley and vaccinated 700 eligible population.
Talking to ChitralToday, Maraj Uddin, the AKHS regional head for Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhawa, thanked the DHO Chitral for providing vaccine for the AKHS centres and mobile teams.
He said the districts of Upper and Lower Chitral are on top position among the districts of KP according to vaccination of Covid-19. The result of this successful vaccination is the struggle and awareness of AKHS.
In Upper Chitral, the team conducted vaccination at Brohgil, Lone, Bang, Mastuj, Shagram and Shouist while in Lower Chitral the mobile team covered far flung areas such as Madaklasht, Arakari, Susum, Begust, Persana, Shogar, Gharum Chashma and Parabaig.
He said 14,538 people were vaccinated in Upper Chitral and 17,561 in Lower Chitral.
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