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Reshun residents seek FIR against govt officials

Reshun residents seek FIR against govt officials

BOONI: Residents of Reshun have approached the Booni police seeking the registration of an FIR against government officials concerned for their negligence that led to the erosion of the Chitral-Mastuj road along with private properties, including houses and lands, in Shader area of Reshun three days ago.

The application for the registration of a case was submitted by Pir Mukhtar Nabi, chairman Tehreek Tahafuz-e-Huqooq Chitral.

The police received the application and entered it in its Roznamcha (diary). The application, available with ChitralToday, sought FIR against the officials of National Highway Authority (NHA), DC Upper Chitral, Communication and Works (C&W) Department, MPA and the Disaster Management Authority.

The application said the area people had on a number of occasions appealed to the officers of these departments and submitted applications to them to divert the river in the winter season but none of them take notice of the issue.

Because of the criminal negligence of these departments, the river eroded not only the road between Lower and Upper Chitral at Shader near Reshun but also washed away houses and lands of the residents.  

Because of the negligence, a case should be registered so action could be taken against the responsible officers of these departments, it added.–Sher Afgan

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