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Chitral records highest Covid vaccination rate in KP

Ashfaq Yusufzai

PESHAWAR: The far-flung Upper and Lower Chitral districts of KP have reported the highest inoculation rate in the whole province, reports.

According to a government report, the first dose of Covid-19 vaccine has been administered to Upper Chitral’s 30 per cent targeted population of above 18 years of age, the highest rate by any district of the province.

Lower Chitral is second on the list with 15 per cent of the residents receiving the first dose of the vaccine.

The report said the province’s 46.88 per cent residents were above 18 years of age and the government was trying to vaccinate 19 million of them by the end of the current year.

According to it, Haripur’s Covid-19 vaccination rate is 10.5 per cent, Abbottabad nine per cent, Malakand 7.7 per cent, Peshawar 7.6 per cent, Kurram 6.5 per cent, Mardan 6.49 per cent, Kohat 6.32, Karak and Nowshera six per cent each, Mansehra 5.85 per cent, Upper Dir and Swabi 5.84 each and the rest below five per cent.

Upper Chitral has also outnumbered other districts regarding the administration of the vaccine’s second dose to the residents. Its 9.16 per cent people have so far received the second jab. It is followed by Lower Chitral (3.9 per cent) and Abbottabad (3.71 per cent). As for other districts, less than three per cent of the targeted people have received the second doze of the vaccine.

The officials said more than 500 vaccination centre had been administering the Covid-19 vaccine to the people with the health department increasing their numbers across the province. 

More vaccination centres needed in cover remote villages of Chitral.

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