Upper Chitral and Lower Chitral disconnected at Reshun

Upper Chitral cut off as road washed away by river

BOONI: Upper Chitral cut off. Lower and Upper Chitral disconnected from each other after the only road crumbled to river erosion in the south of Reshun on Friday night. 

Hundreds of vehicles going towards the down country were stranded at Reshun on Saturday morning. 

The erosion of the road has also cut off link between Lower Chitral and Gilgit-Baltistan via Shandur.

The river had started cutting agricultural land along the only road connecting Lower and Upper Chitral years back.

But despite repeated appeals and concerns shown by the locals, the government failed to take steps to save the vital road.

Upper Chitral had also cut off in 2016 after the river eroded the road near Kuragh.–Sher Afgan

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  1. Shame on the incompetency of authorities, chitral is in the hands of poor leadership and mismanagement. The people of upper chitral specially the resilient people of Reshun highlighted the issue many times but in vain. Now we will suffer for indefinite time.

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