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People of Madaklasht kidnapped our relatives, claims Umra Khan

People of Madaklasht kidnapped our relatives, Umra Khan

CHITRAL: A man from Shishikoh on Thursday claimed that about 150 people have occupied his land in the village and kidnapped his relatives.

According to a report published in ChitralToday on Wednesday, Zaram Khan and three other armed men were overpowered by people of Madaklasht after they opened fire on the villagers and injured three persons.
In retaliation, Zaram Khan’s relatives held hostage some people of the village when they were travelling from Drosh to their home area.
But Umra Khan from Balpanj village today held a press conference in Chitral and claimed that former village council nazim Sardar Alam, Zahid, Qazi Khurshid and 150 other people ransacked his property, damaged crops, beat up Zaram Khan and his brother and kidnapped their female family members.
He also claimed that the people of Madaklasht have blocked the road passing through the area and the government should take action against them before there is a law and order situation.–Muhkam Uddin Ayuni
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