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Illegal forest cutting allegation rejected

Allegations are baseless, says group from Rumbur

CHITRAL: Two days after some residents of Sheikhandeh in Rumbur alleged illegal cutting of trees and misuse of forest royalty, a group from the same area declared them ‘miscreants’ and alleged that they were trying to create unrest among the local residents. 

Speaking at a press conference, former district council member Saifullah Kalash, retired Subedar Durdana Khan, chief Kalash Qazi Sher Zada,  Rehmat Nawaz, PTI leader Inayatullah, Barat Khan and others said the allegations made by some people from Sheikhandeh are baseless. 

They said that Khow, Kalash, Quresh and Gujjar tribes lived in the area and none of them had any objections regarding the royalty issue. 
They said forest trees were cut under the windfall policy of the government under the supervision of a committee comprising representatives of the local people, forest department and the joint forest management committee.
They claimed that during the last 15 years the local people had never raised any objections or lodged a complaint.
They also said  the allegations by the group was also unfounded in the sense that windfall cutting of trees did not cover any private forest.
They demanded that the government should take action against the elements trying to spoil the peace of the area through their baseless allegations.–Muhkam Uddin Ayuni (Picture: S. Nazir Hussain Shah)

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