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Need stressed to protect small birds of Chitral

Needs stressed to save small birds on environment day

Afzal Wali Badakhsh

BOONI: Under the banner of Chitral Heritage and Environment Protection Society (CHEPS), the World Environment Day was celebrated in Booni, Upper Chitral, with a walk participated by around 35 people, mostly students.

The walk started from DC House and ended at the District Headquarter Hospital Booni. Masks were distributed among the participants. They were asked to walk while keeping measurable distance from each other.

The theme CHEPS has owned this year is “Save birds save environment” which focuses on reviving our relationship with birds and their protection from unnecessary harassment and brutal killing.

Two small local birds were selected for the theme. These small birds are vulnerable to school-going boys for hunt and almost counts in endangered species.

Thrush (Sosuruk) and chiffchaff (Chilingi) are both environmental engineers of our ecosystem. Instead of hunting them, we are obliged to protect them and feed them in times of need.

At the end of the event, CHEPS Chairman Rehmat Ali Jaffar Dost said his organization had a mission of promoting sustainable development to improve the social and economic standard of living in Chitral.

CHEPS aims to accomplish these goals by encouraging community participation and strengthening participatory development.

At its core, the organization is dedicated to safeguarding the environment of Chitral, in line with the rich cultural heritage of the valley that is heavily embedded in nature.

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