Encroachment slowly eating up road in Awi

Allocation of fund for repair of Booni-Sonoghur road hailed

AWI: People of Awi, Meragram No 1 and Sonoghur have welcomed the allocation of Rs19 million for the construction and widening of the road from Booni to these villages, a participant told ChitralToday.

At a meeting held here, the local people said by allocating the fund, MPA Hidayatur Rehman had fulfilled the long-standing demand of the villagers.

They said for decades, the road could not be repaired, especially after the Chitral-Mastuj road was diverted to the Parwak side. Moreover, the road has been narrowed by encroachments in different areas.

The participants of the meeting said the fund should be utilized in consultation with the locals on the improvement of the road particularly at its narrow and hilly points to make it safe for travel.

They also said that from NADRA office in Booni to Ishperu Der the road was already wide and the fund should be utilized for widening of the road from Ishperu Der to Awi, Meragram and Sonoghur.–Sher Afgan 

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  1. The allocation of fund is a welcome step but the proper utilisation of funds and quality of work must be strictly monitored by the locals and do not allow the corrupt elements of the executing departnent and contractors to pocket the funds by compromising the quality of work on the road. The people have witnessed huge corruption on Mastuj road in the past and learning a lesson from the past the local people must keep a vigilant eye on the usag of funds and quality of work otherwise the funds will go into drain.

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