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Eight killed after jeep falls into river in Yarkhun

Eight killed after jeep falls into river

YARKHUN: Eight people lost their life after a taxi land cruiser fell off a bridge into the river in a remote village of Yarkhun valley early on Sunday, local people told ChitralToday

The accident victims included a man and his wife and a former district council member, Israr Ahmed.

The incident occurred between Zulilasht and Unauch at about 2am. The land cruiser was going to upper Yarkhun from Chitral town. 

It was carrying 10 people, including two women, and two of the men succeeded in clinging to the wreckage of the vehicle for hours in the middle of the river till they were rescued by the locals. 

The names of the deceased are: Israr Ahmad Yakhdan, wife of Shahzad Yakhdan, Ijaz Wali of Yoshkist, Didaruddin of Kand, wife of Didaruddin of Kand, Sultan Momin Abad, Shoost, Aftab, Shoost, Umaid Nabi, Yarkhun Lasht, and Mughal, driver of the land cruiser from Shoost. 

The two persons who survived the accident are: Haji Ali, son of Haji Khan, resident of Lon, Mulkhow, and Mohammad Irshad, son of Allah Dad, of Pakpattan, Punjab.


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