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PTCL yet to retrieve DSL pole from river

DSL service to Garam Chashma near collapse

GARAM CHASHMA: A pylon of the PTCL’s DSL (digital subscriber line) has fallen into the river at Roji village but the company has not taken steps to save it from being washed away. 

The DSL service in Garam Chashma was inaugurated in July last year to facilitate students in the wake of the Covid pandemic.

The pole along the Garam Chashma road fell into the river after boulders from the mountain hit it last month. Though internet is still functioning in the area, it is feared that the service may get suspended if the pylon is washed away with an increase in the volume of river water.   

After the Covid-19 pandemic, the educational institutions across the country have almost been closed for over a year and academic activities continued online.

Students belonging to the Garam Chashma valley have also been taking online classes wherever the DSL service is available. But now there is the possibility that the internet service would be disconnected in case the DSL line is washed away. 

Elders of the area told ChitralToday that if the PTCL further delayed in retrieving the fallen pole, the internet service in the area would be suspended, causing an irreparable academic loss to the students. 

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