Drinking water tax imposed in Chitral


BOONI: The government has started charging the local people for drinking water in Chitral.

The imposition of the tax on water consumers has started in Booni, the headquarters of the Upper Chitral district.

A senior official of the Public Health Engineering Department confirmed to ChitralToday that Rs350 per connection was being collected in areas where the department provided drinking water to consumers.

He said the levy would soon be extended to villages of both Upper and Lower Chitral districts where the department had its water supply network. 

He said the provincial government had given a target of Rs0.8 million collection this fiscal year. 

In reply to a question, he said the tax was being collected from consumers in cash and would be deposited in the government treasury by the department.–Syed Nazir Hussain Shah

  1. Mari says

    the only wise decision by any govt department. Misuse of water can be controlled in tis way. And it should be introduced in other villages in vicinity.

  2. Ashraf says

    The wastage of drinking water is very common in Chitral. The taps of almost all mosques are permanently leaking and taps in bazars as well. In the houses many don’t even bother to close the taps. An indoctrination campaign should be initiated by goverbment through media and mosques to respect and conserve water, before we run out of it.

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