Utility stores Ramazan package from today

Utility stores to sell 19 items on lower rates

ISLAMABAD (APP): The Utility Stores Corporation (USC) under its ‘Ramazan relief package’ will give 10 to 15 per cent subsidy on 19 essential commodities from April 10 (today).

According to official source, this year the subsidy has been increased compared to previous years. The government has also directed the management of all stores to devise an effective price control mechanism and ensure availability of essential daily use-items during Ramazan.

Ramzan package would be applicable on sugar, wheat flour, pulses, gram flour, dry dates, rice, tea, oil, ghee, baisen, beverages and tetra pack milk.

Under the proposed package, the USC would subsidize 19 essential items, entailing subsidy equivalent to approximately Rs 7.8 billion, including wheat flour, sugar and ghee which have significant differential vis-a-vis prevailing prices in the domestic markets.

Source said all basic food items are now available on utility store outlets at fixed prices 10 to 15 per cent lower than the open market.

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  1. A total failed concept. Government has no business to open commercial stores unless there is communism or something like that going round here. The benefit hardly goes to the poor people but the treasury is drained well and proper. This nonsense should be stopped at the earliest.

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