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Pak-Italy friendship bridge opened

Pak-Italy friendship bridge opened

CHITRAL: A Pak-Italy friendship bridge was inaugurated in Khairabad area of Drosh town in Lower Chitral today.

Along the bridge, other infrastructure development projects were inaugurated by Italian Agency for Development Cooperation Emanuela Benini, SRSP chief executive officer Shahzada Masoodul Mulk and deputy commissioner Lower Chitral Hasan Abid inaugurated the bridge and other schemes.

The construction of the 250 feet long jeep-able bridge and supply of water, renovation and provision of medical equipment at the tehsil headquarters hospital Drosh were carried out by the SRSP through the Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF).

Speaking at a ceremony held at Khairabad, the head of the Italian agency expressed satisfaction that projects to alleviate poverty through assistant from the Italian government and the people in Pakistan were having positive impact on the lives of the locals.

The head of the SRSP said that a number of projects have been undertaken in Drosh and nearby areas. The bridge has linked the Khairabad village with the main town and the Chitral-Prshawar road, he said.

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