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Ismaili community launches tree plantation drive

BOONI (UPPER CHITRAL): The Shia Ismaili Muslim community in Pakistan has launched a tree plantation drive, Darakht se Hayat, with the aim of protecting the environment.

It is part of a global initiative known as Ismaili CIVIC, under which the Shia Ismaili Muslim community around the world has united to serve humanity by rendering service to improve the quality of life of the communities in which they live.

In Pakistan, the theme selected for the ‘Ismaili CIVIC’ for the year 2021 is ‘Environmental protection’, said a press release.

“Today, in Upper Chitral, volunteers from the community planted various kinds of saplings at the Government Girls Degree College, Booni. The launch ceremony was attended by Lieutenant Colonel Mohammad Ilyas, Commander 141 Wing Chitral Scouts, Zulfiqarul Mulk, District Education Officer (M), Upper Chitral, Muhyuddin, Deputy District Police Officer, Upper Chitral, Qazi Ghulam Rabbani, Khateeb Jamia Masjid Booni, Nighat Perveen, Principal Govt. Girls Degree College Booni, members of Ismaili Councils of the Upper Chitral and others.”

Ismaili community launches tree plantation drive
Participants of the function held to launch the tree plantation drive in Booni.

Continuing the mission of Ismaili CIVIC’s “Darakht se Hayat” plantation drive, Imtiaz Alam, President Aga Khan Council for Upper Chitral, pledged to plant around 80,000 saplings in Upper Chitral.

Speaking on the occasion, Lt. Colonel Mohammad Ilyas said: “Tree plantation is vital to reduce rising temperatures. Therefore, the tree plantation campaign by Ismaili civic under the Council of Upper Chitral is a timely response to this danger. Tree plantations will help to reduce the dangers of flash floods and other kinds of soil erosion and an awareness campaign is important in this regard.”

According to Climate Risk Index 2020 Germanwatch, a sustainable development advocacy group, Pakistan is among 10 countries most affected by climate change in the last 20 years due to its geographical location.

Highlighting the importance of plantation, DEO Zulfiqarul Mulk, said: “Plantations take place every year, but the important thing is to take care and nourish the plants by providing water timely and safeguarding the plants to make the plantation campaign sustainable.” He promised to extend support to Regional Council Upper Chitral in its tree plantation campaign.

Inspiring the participants about the importance of plantation in the light of Islamic injunctions and teachings for a better environment, Ghulam Rabbani, Khatib Jamia Masjid Booni, Upper Chitral said that “Tree Plantation is as important for ecological environment and for humans. The promotion of clean and green environment is as important as proper maintenance of human body.”

Earlier in the week, volunteers from the community in Lower Chitral planted saplings of Loquat, Fig, Amlok, Pomgranate, and Acacia.

Ismaili Civic reflects the Shia Ismaili Muslim community’s ethic of civic engagement and good citizenship, exemplifying Islam’s core values of service, peace, compassion and care for the vulnerable.

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  1. Dr karim says

    Excellent initiative,this drive will strengthen our move towards green and clean pakistan,alredy in great momentum by RA Jafardost at Cheps and Billion tree PM nice innitiave..

  2. Shah Karez says

    Highly appreciable effort and indication of enlightened society. Trees are life, they eat carbon and produce oxygen as simple as that. Let’s all support the noble effort, it is never too late.

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