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Recklessly-driven car kills Chitrali student

recklessly-driven car kills Chitrali student

ISLAMABAD: A Chitrali student who was hit by a recklessly driven vehicle in Abbottabad on March 28 passed away after battling for his life in two hospitals in Islamabad.

Mr Ijaz, 21 years old, son of Allaudin, a resident of Afzalabad in Safeed Arkari valley of Lower Chitral, was walking along a road in Abbottabad when the recklessly-driven car hit him and sped off.

The student with critical head injuries was taken to a nearby hospital by local people and then brought to Shifa International Hospital. 

The student’s father was working as a labourer in Karachi and after being informed about the incident he arrived in Islamabad. Within a few hours, the hospital asked the father to pay Rs96,000.

Unable to afford the private hospital, the father with the help of some notables from Garam Chashma valley, got his injured son shifted to PIMS, where he died. 

On the other hand, the police in Abbottabad is neither aware of the death of the student nor has arrested the driver. 

In the FIR, the police said the accident occurred due to speeding through it was reckless driving that claimed the life of the poor man’s son.   


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